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Student-Teacher Programme (STP)

This teacher training programme has been running in the studio since 2003. 

Besides giving our graduates an opportunity to extend their music knowledge and 

performing skills to the next generation - Learning the art of teaching; we found 

that this course has some hidden advantages to our young adult musicians too.

As a teenager who just completed Grade 8, Dorayme STP allows him/her to learn the following skills through teaching whilst protected under the experienced umbrella of Dorayme Music Tuition Studio Ltd.

1. Time Management Skill

  • Teaching a 30 minutes class one after another
  • Punctuality
  •  Managing school work and part time teaching

2. Communication Skill

  • Instead of only socializing with same age peer group at school, student teachers need to communicate with children as young as 5 year old. They also have to learn how to communicate 

with the students’ parents, informing them on their children’s progress.

3. Analysis Skill

  • Analyse student’s repertoire; finding the most efficient ways to teach a particular piece of music.
  • Writing report to parents every 5 weeks (5 Weeks Progress Review) – training the ability to analyze students’ progress and improve on personal teaching methods that will make the next 5 weeks better.

4. Organization Skill

  • Lesson preparation.
  • Plan out practice routine for students.

5. Self Confidence

  • Teaching is a profession that can build up teenagers’ confidence level.

Prerequisite for Dorayme Student-Teacher Teaching Training Programme:

  • Must have passed Grade 8 Piano Practical Examination - ABRSM or Trinity College London.
  • Theory – Grade 6 level or above - ABRSM.
  • Must be over the age of 16.


Junior Teacher

  • Be able to commit at least 3 hours a week of teaching and professional development sessions.
  • After 1 year (or after 18th birthday), complete the Teaching Diploma Course by Trinity College London - ATCL (Associate of Trinity College London in Instrumental Teaching) which required candidate to commit at least 5-8 hours a week for the course requirement in addition to the teaching and professional development sessions.

Intermediate Teacher

  • When you are the holder of ATCL Teaching Diploma.
  • Apply for Institute of Registered Music Teacher NZ (IRMTNZ) “Student Graduate” status to kick start your teaching career professionally because IRMTNZ will provide the following benefits:
  • Mentoring and assistance from an Associate or Fellow Member of the Institute;
  • Student Graduate listing on the IRMTNZ’s website ( ( under “Teacher Search” providing your contact details;
  • a copy of the Institute journal Ritmico which is published three times a year;
  • the opportunity to attend seminars, masterclasses and professional development courses run by Branches of the Institute; and
  • the opportunity to attend Teacher Training Courses run by the Institute.
  • Within 5 years, you can apply to become the Associate of IRMTNZ -

Senior Teacher

  • You become Senior Teacher after you passed all the criteria and successfully obtained 
the title AIRMT(NZ).  (Associate of Institute of Registered Music Teacher New Zealand)

The Cost:

For students graduated Grade 8 from Dorayme Music Tuition Studio Ltd. there is no cost for all the in-studio professional development and training.

For non-Dorayme graduate please email us – different criteria apply.

External professional development courses – will have a cost depending on the institution organizing the training.

Annual Course Fees applicable when preparing for ATCL Teaching Diploma Course plus the Examination Fees.