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Testimonial of Ex-Student-Teacher 
Programme (STP) participants

What would you do if you were given an opportunity to teach?
I still remember the time Christy told me that I could train and become a student teacher. My heart was racing and I was overjoyed and excited as this was a dream come true. I had just recently completed my Grade 8 piano and was waiting to turn 16 before I popped the big question, ‘Can I please teach?’. Over the years of being at Dorayme Studio, I have gained so much experience and development. The student-teacher program helped me in various ways such as: becoming more confident, planning ahead of time, and being patient. I started the long process of becoming a teacher at the end of 2015. At the time, I felt like there was too much work and that I would not have enough time to complete it as I was still at school and in my first year of NCEA. This however, helped me develop a skill- to be organised and plan ahead of time. I remember writing up the reports and sending them in and observing countless lessons taught by other teachers. Now looking back at it, I am glad I persisted and continued as this programme has helped me become a better teacher as I’ve learnt from others. The endless support from Christy helped me become a better teacher as she would often answer my questions immediately if I had problems with something as well as having group training sessions every term to plan and discuss teaching difficulties and how to resolve them. My favourite part of the student teaching programme has to be being part of a committed group of teachers who love teaching as much as I do and have a passion for it. I also love the connections I made with my students as every student is unique and this makes them special and talented. Overall I thoroughly recommend being a part of the student teaching programme as it has taught me an endless number of things that would help me in society today. I love the cultural that Christy has established and I know lots will agree with me that it’s like being a part of another family, the ‘Dorayme’ family. This type of environment allows students to thrive and reach their best potential. To me, playing the piano isn’t about what grade you are or how much better you are than someone, it is about gaining a better understanding of yourself and in doing so, learn some lifelong skills.


Growing, learning and being educated in Dorayme Music Tuition Studios has not only taught me about piano and music, but has shaped me into who I am today. Character building through musical education has taught me life-long skills that cannot be taught elsewhere. Christy’s passion for music, and her patience, compassion and nurturing nature for her students has had a significantly positive impact on myself.
Fortunately, this life-long learning experience did not end at the completion of Grade 8. This learning experience continued on as I embarked on the Dorayme student-teacher programme. Not only did I further my musical training, but acquired other qualities (arguably more important) life skills such as professionalism, punctuality and communication skills (with student and parent). This amazing opportunity would not have arisen without the support from Christy and the outstanding musical educational system that she has established, which is the Dorayme music tuition studio.


When I joined Dorayme I was a shy 11 year old who had very little self-confidence. This lack of confidence was evident in my daily life as well as in my music performance. As I grew up with the Dorayme family, I made new friends and learnt new skills, which allowed me to better understand myself and my own capability. From weekly piano, theory and aural classes to yearly regional competitions, recitals and examinations, Dorayme provided a variety of different activities that challenged me to improve my skills as a pianist. And upon finishing my Grade 8 Piano I was also given the chance to take on the Student-Teacher programme. When teaching students theory and piano, I came across many challenges with all the students having different learning speeds and styles. But with the support and guidance from Aunty Christy, I was able to learn from these students and further develop better communication and understanding for music. The Dorayme programme allowed me to learn so much more about music and myself than I would have ever imagined.


"I joined the Dorayme student-teacher program after finishing my piano grades and it played such a huge role in my personal and professional development. I was able to lead my own theory class and have my own piano students, and this was such a rewarding experience. I became more confident in myself, in my ability to communicate and to pass on knowledge to younger students. The environment at Dorayme is also very supportive. I was in the program with a few other students and it was fun and encouraging to go through it together. I am thankful for the opportunity to have been in the student-teacher program, and it has set me up with skills that are invaluable in whatever I do. "


Joining the student-teacher program gave me the support I needed to help me become a confident and knowledgeable teacher. I had the opportunity to observe other teachers and also got to work with a wide range of personalities and skill level through the students as well as the teaching team. It opened the door to a lot more opportunities than I would have otherwise been exposed to, such as; professional development workshops, master classes and seminars. The nurturing and support that I got through the program meant that I felt confident enough to develop my musical skills leading me to go on to more study and exploring different musical genres.


BMusArts, ATCL, Provisional Member (IRMT)

Over the years of being at Dorayme Studio, I have been given countless opportunities for personal learning and development. I first joined the Dorayme family back in 2006 as a young student embarking on his journey of music. Being part of this large family has allowed me to establish many friendships and bond with people that share the same interest in music that I have. Having these relationships has made my piano learning journey an extremely enjoyable one. Upon completing my Grade 8 Piano Exam, I went on to participate in the student-teacher programme. Through this experience I was able to enhance my communication and organisation skills, as well as develop great patience and adaptability attributes. Being in a position of responsibility, I continued to learn many new things and see things from new perspectives. Overall, the best thing I have enjoyed about being at Dorayme is the great culture that Christy has established, where all students, and teachers alike, are provided with immense amounts of support, encouragement and guidance so that everyone can reach their best potential.

                                                                                               RICHARD LI
What does music mean to me? Seven years ago, before I came to Dorayme Studio, I would have told you that music is a tool that opens many doors. But now? I would tell you that music is something that unites people from all different nationalities and make them a family. Being part of the Dorayme family, I have never felt lonely. To meet with teachers such as Aunty Christy who are passionate about music is a phenomenal experience. For once, music are not barely symbols on a manuscript but a story coming into life. Each piece tells a unique story, each composer has something to share about their joy, experience and life. Being part of the student-teacher programme is a journey that I would never forget, because not only am I the teacher, I am also a student. Learning about the student’s needs and setting realistic goals for them to achieve allows you to progress with the student. Instead of drilling into them the do’s and the don’ts, I have learnt that it is more important to teach them an attitude of never giving up. Music is a continuous journey, it doesn’t stop when you reach a certain stage nor does it stop when you reach a certain age. Teachers can teach you about music, but the environment shapes who we are. That’s why I chose Dorayme, where everyone shares their passion for music.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                ANNIE LI 

"Ever since I joined the student-teacher programme, I have greatly improved my communication and problem solving skills. With the opportunity to teach students with wide range of personalities and different learning styles, you will constantly need to think of new ways to motivate and help them through their pieces. Even if you get stuck, there's always the support and help from the teaching team, so you are never alone. For me, one of the perks of being a piano teacher is getting to be like a friend that the students can trust and share their happiness and troubles with. Becoming a piano teacher has been a very rewarding experience. "

Eliza Chung

"The Dorayme Student Teacher Programme has given me great support ever since my first piano student in 2003. The biggest learning point for me over the years is that successful teachers continue to learn. The well-established and structured programme at Dorayme emphasises this through the various development opportunities available for trainee teachers – from practical teaching workshops, online discussion blogs for teachers, to individual teachers’ studio recitals. We are supported to become qualified music teachers, and encouraged to participate in events and conferences alongside other registered teachers in NZ. Being able to work closely with other tutors within our Dorayme studio and ask the ‘silly questions’ is also a luxury in a profession that is often quite isolated.
Christy does an amazing job guiding all the junior teachers, and selflessly passes on her invaluable teaching experience to the next generation of teachers. I am proud to say I am one of the first graduates of the Dorayme Student Teacher Programme, and I know the skills I have accumulated here will help me become a better teacher in the future."

Kingsley Tang
ATCL, AIRMT, BCom(Hons), BA, BSc

"After getting the grade 8 certificate, the opportunity of taking part in the Dorayme student and teacher's program opened up. I decided to give it a go because I thought it will be a good experience and maybe one day open up my own music studio. Juggling between studies and piano teaching wasn't easy, but having a supporting principle leading us and a strong group of teachers assisting each other, the journey was definitely rewarding and fun. I learnt how to organise my time and prepare lessons beforehand. For me, the most challenging aspect to teaching was having a good relationship with the students and parents. At a young age, i was able to display confidence to the parents and gain their trust. I enjoyed getting involved in organising concerts, leading small theory groups and most of all, getting to know the students personally. With the help of Dorayme music program, I was able to do all that. Teaching piano is more than a career here at Dorayme, it is walking the music journey with the students."

Jennifer Wen

"For most, teaching is the service of delivering knowledge. But every once in a while you come across a teacher who provide more than just knowledge, they provide guidance. Christy is this sort of teacher. With her warmness, passion, patience and inexhaustible kindness, she is able to reach a child's heart and extract the best within us. The Dorayme Studio was founded upon this very principle. Every student-teacher here has equal amount of enthusiasm and passion for music, more importantly they care about the well-being of the student. This is a secure environment where students can learn, nurture and develop music interest. This is also a very social environment where students can find friends and explore music together. We went into Dorayme Studio to learn music but we came out awarded with so much more."

Jeffery Wen
ATCL & BA (Hons) in Psychology